Baking Mad

Many Moons ago (5 years) having just left my amazing job working on the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic committee, I found myself jobless and with nothing in front of me except my wedding to plan…

(the day my contract ended Brute whisked me off to Paris and proposed), but obviously otherwise life was dark and meaningless. What can I do? I pondered whilst watching another episode of Real Housewives of New York, Who am I? I mused a la Zoolander…

Now I LOVE food, I mean I literally love eating, everything, all the time. Second to that or perhaps first, I have the most almighty sweet tooth which I blame entirely on my father and I’m pretty sure he in turn blames his father (my grandfather would quite literally have a bowl of brown sugar sitting on a tiny mound of All-Bran for his breakfast). So I set about opening my own sweets company, ‘Sweets by Sophie’ as it was ingeniously known, I was full of gusto and ready to take over the almost Seven Billion Pound UK confectionary market! So I had my first stall in Marylebone and actually I loved it (thats me in the top picture in all my naive glory)

brownie    brittle    honey

however to my amazement one stall didn’t turn into a million pound empire, ‘There must be a mistake’ I cried, ‘where is all my money’? Ultimately I wasn’t in the right headspace to put the amount of energy any new business needs to take it to the next level so I decided It was back to baking for me, myself and I (and Brute). After our wedding and several months of freelancing I made my first step back into the food industry getting a job for a an extremely respected, very high end catering company where I worked as a party planner. Being around food again was a brilliant experience and I learnt an enormous amount. but then a year in I found out I was pregnant and so worked till right up to the bitter end and then on the 5th of January 2016 out popped Rex.

From then till now I have been blissfully happy just being with my little boy, watching him grow, seeing him become the naughtiest (but also quite gorgeous) mini brute you have ever come across. But I’ve had this niggling feeling over the last few months that has gotten stronger and stronger, I should be doing something, I should be using this time to make something for myself, major cliche coming up, but I want to make my son proud and myself and starting this blog is part of a promise I made to myself this year and the other  is to try and get my own business off the ground, even if it fails miserably.

So, here we go, its round two and I’m gonna get my bake on again! But this time i’m gonna be smarter, more savvy and more importantly calmer, it’s not a rush to finish line (i’m pulling out all the cliches now). Watch this space…

chilli  mint   ginger


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