“…And we’re the best friends that anyone could ever have and we’ll never ever ever ever leave each other…”
-Alan the Hangover

My mother gave me my very first diary when I was 9 years old, she always encouraged me to write down my memories, to keep them safe so I could revisit them. I still have every single one of them jam packed full of the stories of my life so far. Since I had my son its become even more important to me to continue with my writing and (slightly obsessive) photograph taking. So this Blog is essentially that, its one giant diary about me (Sophie) my son (Rex) my daughter (Stella) and my dog (Tony) and all the things that make up my life*.

I hope there’s something for everyone with a good dose of humour.


* My husband also makes the cut in the whole ‘things that make up my life’ situation but he’s not too keen on the limelight, so if you see a reference to ‘Brute’ thats him.