Thinking outside the bubble

I know I bang on a lot about how much I love a bath, but honestly the humble bath is not merely a place to get clean after a long day, it’s a place of total relaxation, of solitude where you can think about the days events, giggle about events of the day, cry (I remember having the day 5 blues after Rex was born and crying in the bath for what felt like hours).

Its a place for some peace and quiet, where you can plan you next holiday or plot the details of that million dollar business idea. Where you can read a book or just stare into space and let the stress of the day fall away from you. It’s a place to just feel warm, I’m a total warm weather baby and love the feeling of being engulfed in warm (scorching) water. Now I don’t need a reason to have a bath , I have one every single day (sometimes twice), but there are three main reasons that the bath has stepped up even more in the last week.

  1. Rex, who turned seventeen months yesterday is behaving like some crazed beast mixed with a sulky teenager – the tantrums if he doesn’t get his food fast enough are off the charts –  stamping feet, falling to the floor in wildly dramatic fashion, tears, the whole nine yards – very much like myself if I don’t get my own way. Plus last week every time I picked him up from nursery I was told he had had more and more time outs due to unruly behaviour – throwing musical instruments and hugging/rugby tackling some of the babies. Though I consider myself to be pretty laid back even I find my blood pressure rising at considerable speed sometimes.
  2. The weather – what the hell is going on with it? last week we were basking in the glow of English summer, smiley faces everywhere, pub gardens filled up after work everyday, parks filled with half naked people as the temperature pushed 25 degrees the dulcet tones of the Mr Whippy van all the truly great things about the english summer. All suddenly halted by torrential rain and freezing winds – smiles turned to frowns and fury as people charge down the streets to get to their destinations, umbrellas turned inside out and the sounds of swear words blowing in the wind.
  3. The Soap Story sent me a parcel of quite literally delicious looking products to test out. So if I wasn’t enough of a bath fanatic, now I have to be all but dragged out of there.


And so it was that number 3 of the points above managed to all but eradicate the stresses brought on by points 1 and 2. Before I go into detail about these wonderful products – there are some other reasons to rave about this fantastic new company. The Soap Story products are all made in the UK, they are against animal testing and a large portion of them are vegan friendly also. This is a huge win for me, It baffles me why in this day and age people still test beauty product on animals.


ooooooo hello lovely smelling bathy things 🙂



The sign of a brilliant brand – attention to detail


So here are my top three of the products



First Love Soap Sponge

If I could pick a favourite from all the products, this would be it. It’s a soap in a sponge!! So you can exfoliate and wash at the same time. It smells incredible too its the kind of smell that makes me think of beach holidays when you come in all sandy and salty have a bath and put your after sun on and smell all yummy and refreshed and clean. It does what it says on the box and makes you feel calm and tranquil. It got a second thumbs up from Rex too he was positively WOWED by it.



Mandarin Hand Gel:

I am a hand cream/ hand santiser nut – I like my hands to feel clean and fresh – Having both a dog and a very messy little boy I’m constantly washing my hands so I like to follow that with a cream or a something to make my skin feel nourished and this works a trick and it smells delicious.



Tickled Pink Foam Soap

I love this product, it makes bathing an even more lazy experience for me as unlike most shower gels, you don’t have to work in up into a foam. Instead though in the bottle it is liquid form when you pump it out, it comes out as a form – hah! so job done! It makes your skin feel so soft and smells delicious – I love using it on Rex too as London water can be so hard that it’s great to have a product that immediately makes your skin feel re-nourished.

I am so thrilled to have been able to test out these products, as an avid beauty and bath lover. From someone whose bathroom is filled to the rafters with bath products I can honestly say to those reading, go and get yourself some of their products to try yourself, you won’t be disappointed and if you have children it’s a no brainer  – Bath time + The Soap Story = Very happy mummy and happy happy baby.



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