‘A good friend knows all your best stories, a great friend has lived them with you…’


This week has been particularly manic and so I feel like my blog needs to be something that will chill me out. I know a lot of people do this, but I always try and cram far too much stuff into a week and say yes to everything and then find myself working into the night and not having any time to relax and by the end of the week I’m ready to snap instead of ready to have a fun packed weekend with my family & friends. So things are gonna change, you hear me, if I don’t have time to do something even if i’d love to but I know i won’t properly enjoy it cause it will mean me frantically running from one place to the next and all the while thinking about the shit I have to do when I get home, then I’m saying NO!!! At least I’m going to try…It’s likely I won’t succeed.

Anyway, nothing chills me out more than Tony does, so this week I’m saying no to tonnes of writing and yes to tonnes of photos of Tony and Rex together because quite honestly these two really are the best of friends and they make heart swell…



A Just born Tony! Little did he know he was going to head down south to help a woman not lose her marbles on a daily basis.



Heading South for his new career as professional listener, cuddler, therapist.



Preparing for imminent security detail duty

On the 5th January 2016 our little furless baby (Rex) was born…Tony met him the same day and their bond was solidified.


IMG_3951 1

From then on they chose not to leave each others sides


Security detail come day or night


I have no comment on the ridiculous sweetness that is these two photographs.




You can’t sit with us



You can’t snooze with us



and you can’t bath with us either










Unexpected friendships are the best ones


When you’ve partied well past your capacity




Who makes the best Rasta? God Tony was pleased when Rex came along, he finally had someone to share the hideousness that is me playing dress up.


Who makes the best African King? All dress up items belong to Tony, he is more than happy to share them now.

I could go on and I have about a million more pictures and videos, but this is a little snap shot. It’s been so amazing to go through them all and see the incredible bond these two boys have. There will be more to come! In the meantime if you want to get to know Tony better, I mean who wouldn’t, then head over to his twitter account @toneswb (what well to do dog doesn’t have a twitter account) or the twitter icon at the bottom of the page will take you right there and for more of our videos click on the youtube icon.

No better way to end this post than with a video of Rex in absolute hysterics as Tony sprints back and forth like a lunatic #winningatlife




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